Exclusive Interview with Former Brewer Jerry Reuss

I was lucky enough to ask former all star Jerry Reuss a few questions. Jerry played for eight teams and even threw a no hitter in his magnificent career. I always think of him as a Brewer. He had a few different baseball cards wearing the Brew Crew garb, but he was best remembered as a Dodger to most. Jerry is still involved in baseball. Currently, he is broadcasting some games for the Las Vegas 51’s. He has an awesome website to check out. Hope you all enjoy this interview and stay tuned because I have a couple more in the works.

TMN: You spent a season in Milwaukee. What is your best memory from that year spent in Wisconsin?

J.R.: Actually, I spent two months with the Brewers. I didn’t do well but the team and fans were outstanding!

TMN: What did you take away about the people in the dairyland?

J.R.: Everybody was nice.

TMN: Who was your favorite teammate on the Brewers?

J.R.: All good guys. Had some nice conversations with Paul Molitor and Robin.

TMN: What is your best Rockin' Robin Yount memory?

J.R.: Watching him hit for the cycle against the White Sox at Comiskey Park.

TMN: What is your proudest life accomplishment (teacher question)?

J.R. Hasn’t happened yet.

TMN:What is the best nickname(s) that you have been given?

J.R.: Q-Tip

TMN: Who was your childhood idol (athlete/celebrity)?

J.R.: Stan Musial was always a favorite.

TMN: What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

J.R.: Haven’t eaten any in years. Tastes lousy with beer!

TMN: Who is your favorite cartoon character(s)?

J.R.: Haven’t watched cartoons in years. Always liked The Simpsons, however!

TMN: Who is your favorite musical group?

J.R. Whoever comes up on my phone when I’m at the gym.

TMN: Beer, Cheese, or Bratwurst?

J.R.: Yep! I’ll have all three. You buyin'?