Brewers Top Prospect Mario Feliciano: The Humble Catcher

Mario Feliciano has a very bright future in the game of baseball. He is a top level talent in the overloaded minor league system of the Milwaukee Brewers. Feliciano has shown that he has an intriguing ability to hit the baseball. He also bolsters the potential to hit for power someday as he matures physically. If he can stay behind the plate, his hit tool should play perfectly for the Brew Crew in a few years. After a brief interaction with Brewers top prospect Mario Feliciano, I came away very impressed with the young man.

Not only is he atop the prospect boards for the Brew Crew, but he is a very humble young man. He, by all accounts has had a great season so far. His stat lines are not perfect, but those do not always tell the whole story. Remember this young man’s head should be spinning. He is learning to juggle a pitching staff, defining his pitch framing skill, controlling the running game, and, oh yeah, hit for power and average. The latter two are a tough enough challenge for most of these kids running out to their minor league parks. Then, throw in learning to be a Major League catcher and you have a lot more responsibility than most of us did when we were 18 or 19 year old kids.

Then you have this kid. He is a world away from his native Puerto Rico, yet states that, "I love Wisconsin." Well, Wisconsin just might love this kid. If Feliciano can reach his potential, he is a 15ish to 20ish prospect in the Brewers minor league system right now. He could just someday go from the Brew Crew’s potential catcher of the future to their everyday backstop. Super Mario says, "I feel very grateful and blessed." Imagine how he might feel someday to play in front of folks who are also grateful for what they have achieved in life. It seems like it could be a great fit for everyone involved…depending on that hit tool.

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