FTC, not FTB

BrewCrewBall is meant to be a forum of many diverse Brewers fans, and occasionally fans of other teams who are mature enough to come over here without trolling. We are certainly diverse geographically, politically, and generationally. We mostly claim to be Brewers fans (not sure how to classify itstimetowin), but lately commenters have struggled to act like it.

This is a community that rallies around FTC, AATC. It seems to be the one and only thing we can agree on. But let's remember that this community is not about'll see what I mean.

So when it comes to the Brewers, root wholeheartedly. Take the risk of hope, dare to dream that something good might happen. It's one thing to have realistic expectations...this team was not built to be a world series contender this year, and the payroll is shockingly low. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy the experience, and dare to dream that this team could make the playoffs.

So maybe, rather than saying FUN THE BREWERS in your own special way (CC is stupid. Stearns should activate X to play CF. Mark needs to open the checkbook), come in and say "GO BREWERS. FTC!"

And speaking of the letter B...maybe hold off on pronouncing Broxton dead and useless as a batter. He's done as well or better than Brinson or Phillips in AAA, and has been successful at the major league level in the past. Maybe the past few days of solid contact and nice defense are another mirage that will vanish in a 3-45 slump. But rooting for him to fail in order to justify your hatred of him, or your anger at the team's treatment of Brinson and Phillips is just plain bad fandom. What do we gain from arguing with one another and insulting one another because we hold different opinions? So as a general rule, don't say FUN THE BROXTON.

Braun too. He's expensive and doesn't play in that many games. But he still puts up good numbers when healthy and is still, last time I checked, wearing a Brewers uniform. Maybe a little less FUN THE BRAUN, a little more GO BREWERS, FTC!

This board has long represented a fun addition to my day, and a welcome source of information and humor as we weather the ups and downs of Brewers baseball. But it's getting to be less and less fun, largely because there is far too much hating on Brewers players, Counsell, and the front office. I'm hopeful we'll turn it around, as I've seen BCB evolve a number of times, with regulars leaving and new people joining. But throughout it all this community had a pretty good knowledge of advanced stats and understanding the game of baseball, and a great sense of humor. Losing sucks, but that's no reason to stop laughing! So the next time you want to insult the fans and players of our favorite team, instead untuck that shirt, tickle it out there, and make your best HELLO I AM A BEAR gesture.

Also, FTC