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Jimmy Nelson to have shoulder surgery on Tuesday

Surgeons will have to clear out the shoulder first before finding out how bad the damage is

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MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago Cubs Jim Young-USA TODAY Sports

Updates on Jimmy Nelson's shoulder have been limited since the announcement that he was dealing with a torn labrum. He did fly out to California to get a second opinion, but it looks like the news wasn't good there, either.

According to Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Nelson will be having surgery on Tuesday.

Dr. Neal ElAttrache will be the one in the operating room, first clearing out any debris from when Nelson dislocated the shoulder, then assessing the damage to the labrum once he's inside.

As Nelson told Haudricourt, once the surgery is done, he and the Brewers will have a better idea on what his recovery timeline will look like:

"I won’t really know what he fixed or decided to leave alone and let heal, and rehab until I’m done with the procedure. It depends on what he does when he gets in there. ... Over-correcting or over-fixing something can be just as bad, if something is tightened too much."

Nelson says there's a chance ElAttrache could clear up the shoulder and decide surgical repairs to the labrum aren't necessary, which could drastically cut down the recovery time.

The other good news is that this isn't a typical pitcher labrum tear, which has been an injury that's been catastrophic for many pitchers' careers in the past.

Because Nelson's injury didn't happen while pitching, it's a different type of tear that shouldn't affect his mechanics once he's back on the mound. That could provide some optimism that Nelson could possibly work his way back to the level he was at before the injury, although that's still far from a sure thing.