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Updated NL Wild Card Scenarios: September 28th

The Brewers’ elimination number is down to just 2 following Wednesday’s loss

Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Brewers already had little room for error in the NL Wildcard race, trailing the Colorado Rockies by 1.5 games with 5 to play heading into Wednesday night. Then they went and got shut down by a pitcher having a historically bad season. Now there’s virtually no room for error — Milwaukee’s elimination number is now just 2.

With Colorado off today, the Brewers can’t officially be eliminated, but they can make things very easy for the Rockies this weekend if they can’t take the series finale against Cincinnati.

Things could be worse — the Brewers could be in the Cardinals’ shoes, with the next loss or Colorado win officially eliminating them.

As a reminder, the Rockies host the Los Angeles Dodgers in the final series of the regular season. While LA could still play for the league’s best record — ensuring homefield advantage in the World Series, were they to get that far — and they likely don’t want their bats to face a long layoff until the start of the NLDS, the team has already announced that Clayton Kershaw’s start will be a short one and the final game of the regular season will be a bullpen game.

That doesn’t look promising for the Brewers chances of getting the help they need, but stranger things haven’t happened. Not very frequently, but hey, they have.

Updated Scenarios

If the Rockies go 3-0...
...the Brewers are eliminated
...the Cardinals are eliminated

If the Rockies go 2-1...
...the Brewers are eliminated
...the Cardinals are eliminated

If the Rockies go 1-2...
...the Brewers have to go 4-0 to tie
...the Cardinals are eliminated

If the Rockies go 0-3...
...the Brewers have to go 3-1 to tie, 4-0 to win
...the Cardinals have to go 4-0 to tie