If all relationships could end this way...

Life would be so much easier if you could end a relationship by not taking their option or by not offering a contract. Why can't the world follow baseball rules!

Think about that semi-crazy dude you dated after High School. You know that one, He may have had a nice car and a cute butt but he smoked two packs a day and well... he wasn't really very bright.

Instead it was always the oh it isn't you, it is me conversation which progresses into: "When I said we could still be friends, I didn't really mean that we would be friends."

A much better option is, "I am sorry Quinten Berry but we really only signed you to provide important stolen bases during the push for the post season and you really didn't even do that so we aren't offering you a contract."

Or perhaps the even more blunt: "Go Forth Goforth, be gone."

I bet Quintin Berry won't be calling the Brewers at 2 a.m. every time he gets drunk. He is probably too embarrassed about being named Quintin to do much of anything.

And I am pretty sure David Goforth won't tell all his friends that the Brewers are actually lesbians. (Tyler Cravy might; but who cares?)

So from now on when I end a friendship or a relationship, I am just putting the person on waivers. And I don't care if some chick from Cincinnati picks him up in some bar, falls madly in love with him, gets him to quit smoking and he makes her the happiest woman in the world. He is still a loser in my book. Yeah, I am talking about you Scooter.