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Updated NL Wild Card Scenarios: September 29th

The Cardinals are eliminated, leaving just the Rockies and Brewers left with 3 to play

Cincinnati Reds V Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

And then there were two.

The St. Louis Cardinals were eliminated from postseason contention Thursday night in one of the most incredible ways possible -- a potential game-tying home run getting pulled back at the wall for the game's final out.

That leaves the Brewers and Rockies to fight it out for baseball's last available playoff spot.

Milwaukee's win against the Reds on Saturday keeps their elimination number at 2 -- any combination of Rockies wins or Brewers losses to get to that number means it'll be Colorado going to Arizona for the wildcard play-in game.

Updated Scenarios

If the Rockies go 3-0...
...the Brewers are eliminated

If the Rockies go 2-1...
...the Brewers are eliminated

If the Rockies go 1-2...
...the Brewers have to go 3-0 to tie.

If the Rockies go 0-3...
...the Brewers have to go 2-1 to tie, 3-0 to win.