A double rebuild?

The Brewers moved quickly from rebuild to contender phase in 2017. But what are they contending for? With the current roster they are likely a team that can add some pieces and contend for a playoff position. Considering the depth of the farm system and the relative youth of the current team they seem to have a fairly long window for this type of contention.

But is this team, currently or with some minor adjustments, destined for the World Series? Does it currently have the prospects to become a World Series juggernaut. The Brewers currently lack superstar bats, Ace pitchers and don't have many top 50 prospects. I don't see a youthful Braun or Fielder in this mix do you?

One option is for the Brewers to trade current assets that still have contract control for a number of years for potentially future all stars. Gone would be Arcia, Shaw, Santana and Chase Anderson with the goal of landing a Victor Robles, Gleyber Torres, Francisco Mejia or Ryan McMahon.

Under a plan like this Stearns would keep slinging to fill the MLB roster with tradable assets and look to acquire top 20 prospects from those clubs that really are very good right now. The Brewers may also have to advance prospects more quickly or lose 40 man roster flexibility.

How would you feel of the Santana trade was for prospect(s) rather than Archer?

In a way the Cubs did this with Sterling Castro although they also felt they had upcoming assets that could plug the hole.