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Six Milwaukee Brewers prospects land on the Baseball America Top-100

The Brewers are among the teams with the most prospects on the list.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Miami Marlins Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The top-100 lists are coming! Baseball America dropped one of the more popular top-100 lists on us Monday. In all, six Milwaukee Brewers prospects made the list.

Here’s where they ranked:

18. Lewis Brinson, OF
47. Keston Hiura, 2B
61. Brandon Woodruff, RHP
74. Corbin Burnes, RHP
75. Monte Harrison, OF
80. Brett Phillips, OF

Not much surprise in the prospects who made it onto this years list. It’s a given that Lewis Brinson will be a top 25 prospect in all of baseball yet again.

Hiura made his debut on the list. In my opinion, this should be around the same place he lands on most lists this offseason. If evaluators knew what type of product he’d be defensively, he could even be about 10 spots higher.

Woodruff should make most of the lists in what should be his last top 100s he qualifies for. The hard-throwing righty certainly has impressed a lot of evaluators. Behind him comes what has amounted to his Brewers’ system twin. Burnes, much like Woodruff, shot up rating boards after a great year. I know many Brewers fans will be disappointed he isn’t ranked higher given his performance last year. However, the righty grades out as a third starter at best, so the hesitancy to shoot him up these lists can be understood.

Speaking of jumping up lists, Monte might actually make it higher on other top 100s. The difference between him and Burnes: the Harrison we saw last year is the one scouts have advertised all along. Now his tools are coming to fruition and the baseball community is getting justifiably excited.

Finally, Phillips is another last-timer on these top 100s list. If it wasn’t for his great performance with the big league club (relative to rookie outfielders with minimal expectations), I’m not sure he’d be making lists period.

My biggest shock about this list is the lack of Luis Ortiz. Baseball America has been one of the lists that has kept Ortiz higher up the list, but even with a down year scouts still seem to like what he has to offer. Ortiz came in at 79 last year. Obviously high risers like Burnes and Harrison, along with new draftees made it difficult for him to maintain his rank. But even in the Brewers’ top 10 list released by BA in November, Ortiz (6) was ranked ahead of Phillips (7).

Other Brewers who fell off the list: Josh Hader (no longer eligible), Corey Ray (42) and Isan Diaz (93). The three of Ray, Diaz and Ortiz would all likely return to the top 100 with good to great seasons.