If Santana isn't traded:

What does it look like if Santanta isn't traded? I wanted to set out some projections of what it would look like if Santana isn't traded. (I actually think he will be; but I enjoy the Brewers screaming for all to hear that they don't NEED to trade him. So I thought I would put some projections behind it.)

It is important to note that two out of the outfield corps are over 30 so the following projections take this into account -- they need more rest. This projection also projects that Braun will be serviceable as at first base. So here is a projection of starts by player:

Santana LF 102 games. RF 25 games total of 127

Yelich Center 22 games, RF 130 games for a total of 152

Cain Center 140 DH 3 for a total of 143.

Braun LF 60, 1b for 70 and DH for 7 for a total of 137.

Thames Firstbase for 92 for a total of 92.

You can easily switch LF and RF depending upon if you think the Brewers are stronger with Yelich in Left or Right. . This is also games started not games finished or games in which the player appears. Whoever isn't starting is probably your first bat off the bench. Finally this is a projection without taking into account actual left/right pitching matchups, injuries or slumps. Things change during a season.

This is an attempt to maximize production based upon 2017 output and 2018 projections. Three takeaways:

1. This may be a good way for the organization to insure against injuries, slumps and bad match ups. Although you may want to see someone like Santana bat more this is still getting him 127 games started and having him as the number one pinch hitter.

2. There isn't much room for anyone else. Keeping Phillips or Broxton at AAA makes sense in case of injury; but if everyone is healthy there aren't major league at bats available. Aguilar becomes redundant and even Perez loses value.

3. You could go with a 13 player pitching staff for much of the year if Sogard and Villar share Second Base and infield reserve duties and they keep one back up catcher. This could stretch your staff, allow the Brewers to look at stackable starters and provide for better bullpen match ups. Although a short bench could hurt the Brewers in extra inning games.