My thoughts on yelich- an A+

I know many people are furious that the Brewers gave up a large chunk of farm system to get Christain Yelich, but I'm telling you, he and Cain are going to lead Milwaukee to a pennant. If not this year, next, but they are. The Yelich trade fills the hole in right field, putting in a solid everyday starter. His combination of skills and defensive competence makes him a great fit on the team.

The guy is fast. Not Lorenzo Cain fast, but fast. He has a high OBP and Average, and stole 16 bases. The latter might seem not so exciting, but consider this: In 2017, that would have given him the team lead as a Cub. He alone likely adds 4+ wins. His 3.9 WAR is enough to have given us the division if we had used him instead of Broxton.