If I could have a beer

Whilst strolling through one of the comment threads I saw a commentor mention that they'd like to have a beer with Jimmy Rollins. I can't remember who, and now can't find that particular comment, but thank you whoever that was. This got me thinking-- what baseball players would I like to have a beer with? After all, I'm over the legal age to drink and I'd like to drink beer with baseball guys. This being said-- I'm here today to ask you, BCB community, if you could have a beer with 3 baseball guys who would they be?

As for myself...

1) Bob Uecker: as much as it pains me to say this, it's not even because he's the Brewers radio man and the greatest voice in baseball history. The reason the top guy on my list is Ueck is because the man has lived through so much amazing baseball. Born in 1935 he caught the end of Murder's Row, got to experience Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier, witnessed the Miracle Mets, Big Red Machine, and so much more amazing baseball history. He's got to have more stories than anyone in baseball and to be able to get a front row seat to those stories told by a man who paints word pictures for a living-- well that sounds alright to me.

2) Babe Ruth: this seems like an obvious choice, but I like to think I have unique reasons. First off, with everyone being enamored with Ohtani and being a two way player I'd like to get the Babe's thoughts on staying a two way player instead of becoming the greatest home run hitter of his time. Secondly, I'd like to talk him about how players today are paid (ignore inflation and all that jazz) just a crazy amount of money. Was he in it for the fame/money? Did he just want to play ball? and I'd like to know if he had to face pitchers like hitters do today, would've he taken the game more seriously or was he purely playing it his way because he was so much better than everyone else he didn't have to try as hard? It's not like he could drink and smoke his was to 700+ home runs in these times. Well, maybe he could- it's the Babe.

3) Kevin Youkilis: the most obvious reason- the man is a brew master now so we'd have plenty of great beer to drink. My other reasoning is Youkilis was a part of breaking the Sox curse and the greatest comeback in baseball history. Talking about that would be pretty awesome. Also, being the "Greek God of Walks" as moneyball puts it, I'd like to talk to him about grinding his way to the majors with that goofy batting stance and having everyone tell him to change it.