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Baseball America ranks two Brewers prospects in the Pioneer League top 20

Exciting youth is on the way for the Crew

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Cincinnati Reds Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball America continues its top prospect rankings for each league in the minors. The Milwaukee Brewers were lucky enough to have three top prospects make the 2018 Pioneer League top 20.

The top ranking Brewers prospect is also one of the newest additions to the farm system: Brice Turang. Baseball America ranked Turang as the second best Pioneer League prospect months after he was drafted in the first round by Milwaukee. They marked Turang as having above-average tools all around, except for his power. At just 18 years old, Turang has time to add strength and develop that tool. The article also had high praise from Turang’s manager in Helena.

“His baseball IQ is advanced for his age,” Helena manager Nestor Corredor said. “He’s very friendly, (a) good teammate (and) easy to coach. The good thing about him is that he was easy to coach the Brewers’ way ... he was willing to learn the newest stuff.”

BA projects that Turang will climb through the minors quickly and remain at shortstop.

Next up is 2017 draft pick Je’Von Ward at number 16. Baseball America describes Ward as lanky but full of projection, lauding his improved approach at the plate. Part of the credit is assigned to the Helena’s coaching staff for making Ward focus on the entire game and not just hitting. Corredor had this to say of Ward:

“He was my most consistent hitter. And in most of the second half he was my leadoff guy because he showed that he knew the strike zone and swing at good pitches.”

Ward still has to develop his entire game but his ceiling could be one of the highest in the organization. At just 18, there’s plenty of room for development and continued improvement. It’s promising that he already showed he’s willing to be coached.

The Brewers could have had a third prospect on the list had they not traded Jean Carmona in the Jonathan Schoop trade. Carmona ranked just behind Ward at 17.