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NLCS Game #5 Thread: Milwaukee Brewers (2-2) @ Los Angeles Dodgers (2-2)

Getting back to Milwaukee up 3-2 would be the optimal outcome

MLB: NLCS-Milwaukee Brewers at Los Angeles Dodgers
Manny being Manny? Yeah, that’s it!
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Urgency re-enters the equation for the Milwaukee Brewers (2-2, NLCS) late this afternoon as they take on the Los Angeles Dodgers (2-2, NLCS), trying to get back to Miller Park up 3-2 with the big advantage of needing 1 of 2 at home.

The Dodgers would have the momentum in a vacuum, having won last night’s extended stay game and with a quick turn-around today. But the old saw that momentum in baseball is only as good as the next initial out-getter is actually true, so Wade Miley and Clayton Kershaw will establish the momentum.

Hernan Perez replaces Jonathan Schoop at second base, but it is again the vs lefty line-up. Max Muncy goes at second base with David Freese at first, and Cody Bellinger in right.

Milwaukee Brewers

Los Angeles Dodgers