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Wade Miley slated to start for Milwaukee Brewers in NLDS game 3 at Coors Field

...unless he’s needed today.

Milwaukee Brewers v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Craig Counsell has announced that Wade Miley is the scheduled starter for Sunday’s game 3 in Colorado on Sunday for the Brewers, as reported by Adam McCalvy. But that comes with a caveat, per The Brewer Nation...Miley is available out of the bullpen today:

Miley’s cutter makes him a potentially better option than Gio Gonzalez against a Rockies lineup that hits lefties better than righties, and hits at Coors Field considerably better than on the road.

Miley’s season was marred early on by injuries - one at the end of spring training (hamstring), and one shortly after he came back (oblique), that limited him to sixteen starts. Miley ended up 5-2 with a fine ERA of 2.57. His FIP came in a run higher at 3.59, and his WHIP was 1.215.

One suspects that Freddy Peralta will be ready to go early at Coors Field to follow Wade's start. I’ll feel a lot better if Miley is going out there with the Brewers up 2-0 in the series.