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The Tuesday Thinker: Revisiting the Brewers 2011 Postseason roster

How many players do you remember from the Brewers 2011 postseason roster?

Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game 5 Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Milwaukee Brewers are back in the NLCS for the first time since 2011. It’s been a long road to get here, with a roster that barely resembles the roster from 2011. In fact, only one player from that team is still playing for the Milwaukee Brewers in the 2018 postseason (though a second is now a coach). Here’s the question for today: How well do you remember that roster?

In total, 25 players appeared in the postseason for the 2011 Milwaukee Brewers, as they used the same roster in the NLDS and NLCS. How many of those players can you name in six minutes?

As a bonus, I also included the other 23 players from the Brewers 2011 roster as extra answers. They won’t count toward your final score, but they are there as well for you to try to guess. Note that the game ends once you get all 25 of the actual answers.

Once you’re done trying out the quiz, come join us in the comments. Post your score and your thoughts on the quiz. The comments may contain spoilers, so look at your own risk. This quiz is just for fun, no prizes for having a top score.

If the quiz is not displaying for you (or not displaying properly), you can view the quiz directly on Sporcle here.