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Colorado Springs Sky Sox rebrand as Rocky Mountain Vibes

The end of the Triple-A era and new beginning as the Brewers’ Rookie League affiliate leads to a new identity

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When next year’s crop of fresh-faced rookie-ballers show up in Colorado Springs to begin their professional baseball careers in the Milwaukee Brewers organization, they’ll no longer be known as the Sky Sox.

That team with a rich Triple-A history moved to San Antonio, becoming the Brewers’ new-but-not-really-new Triple-A affiliate. But baseball isn’t leaving the Springs entirely, with the formerly Helena Brewers deciding to move in to the facilities there.

To mark the start of a new era (and new ownership group who probably didn’t have rights to the Sky Sox name), the Brewers’ new-but-not-really-new Rookie League affiliate became the latest minor league team to get creative with their team name.

They’ll now be known as the Rocky Mountain Vibes, and the video posted on Twitter announcing the change definitely has plenty of those, well, vibes.

The outdoorsy Colorado feel is also reflected in the team’s logos — all of which are camping-inspired, including a very intimidating-looking s’more.

All joking aside, minor league teams are trying to a. come up with unique identities for merchandising purposes and b. create a connection with local fans. With the players changing every year, if they’re basically asking fans in the city to root for laundry, it may as well be laundry that’s uniquely local — whether it’s playing up the outdoor recreation aspect of the community or including the “C” from Colorado’s state flag in some of their logos.

At least they aren’t calling themselves the Sod Poodles.