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FanGraphs releases updated top prospect list for the Milwaukee Brewers

The farm isn’t what it was a year ago.

Arizona Fall League All Star Game Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The top prospect lists are coming! One of the first releases is from FanGraphs as Eric Longenhagen and Kiley McDaniel give us their top 32 Milwaukee Brewers prospects. Overall, their review is a fairly bleak look at a farm system that has lost a tremendous amount of depth due to trades. In 2018, the list had eight players with an OFP grade of 50 or better. This year, there are three. There were 13 players with a 45 grade or better, this year there are eight. Last year, there was no player that ranked was graded below a 40, this year, FanGraphs gave the farm six 35+ OFP talents on the 32-man list.

Here’s how their list breaks down:

  1. Keston Hiura, 2B - OFP 60
  2. Tristen Lutz, RF - OFP 50
  3. Corey Ray, CF - OFP 50
  4. Brice Turang, SS - OFP 45
  5. Mauricio Dubon, SS - OFP 45
  6. Zack Brown, RHP - OFP 45
  7. Mario Feliciano, C 0 OFP 40+
  8. Eduardo Garcia, SS - OFP 40
  9. Aaron Ashby, LHP - OFP 40
  10. Joe Gray, CF - OFP 40
  11. Payton Henry, C - OFP 40
  12. Troy Stokes Jr., LF - OFP 40
  13. Braden Webb, RHP - OFP 40
  14. Trent Grisham, OF - OFP 40
  15. Lucas Erceg, 3B - OFP 40
  16. Pablo Abreu, OF - OFP 40
  17. Trey Supak, RHP - OFP 40
  18. Marcos Diplan, RHP - OFP 40
  19. Carlos Rodriguez, CF - OFP 40
  20. Micah Bello, CF - OFP 40
  21. Larry Erneston, RF - OFP 40
  22. Korry Howell, CF - OFP 40
  23. Clayton Andrews, LHP - OFP 40
  24. Lun Zhao, RHP - OFP 40
  25. Tyrone Taylor, OF - OFP 40
  26. Adrian Houser, RHP - OFP 40
  27. Eduarqui Fernandez, CF - OFP 35+
  28. Antonio Pinero, SS - OFP 35+
  29. Yeison Coca, 2B - OFP 35+
  30. Daniel Castillo, SS - OFP 35+
  31. Je’Von Ward, RF - OFP 35+
  32. Caden Lemon, RHP - OFP 35+

Because there are so many players, we will just be giving a quick overview of FanGraphs’ comments on the top 10 players. I recommend you read the entire column for fantastic analysis on all 32 players.

We start with Keston Hiura, where FanGraphs states that all concerns over Hiura’s health and defense have been resolved. The team drools over his bat and offensive performance, even going so far as to give Hiura a 60 Future In-Game Power tool. Their one concern is some rough footwork that could disrupt Hiura’s timing, causing him to be streaky over some periods.

Tristen Lutz comes in at number two on the list. FanGraphs describes Lutz’s gameplay as “average.” They reference mediocre bat control as a contributor to issues that can result in Lutz not mastering his offensive potential, but his good power should still play throughout his career. His outfield reads are poor, but he has the athletic ability to compensate for some of that and has a strong arm.

Milwaukee’s third prospect is Corey Ray, who FanGraphs awards a 30 Hit tool. They address that Ray has fixed some of his issues to get pitches thrown inside, but his strikeouts tendency leave a lot of concern. FanGraphs compares Ray to the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Chris Taylor, saying he could have similar 3-WAR player, but there’s still a lot of risk.

The Brewers’ most recent first round pick comes in at number four. Brice Turang is given a 45 grade, but FanGraphs says he has all the tools to be an above-average regular in the future. They expect his offense to develop well, great control of the strike zone and plus defense at short.

FanGraphs gives a mostly positive outlook on the Brewers’ number five prospect, Mauricio Dubon. They say Dubon has elite hand-eye coordination to have a strong defensive profile. He won’t have great power but can consistently drive the ball to double territory. His defense is passable at short and second and he could take over at short every day if Orlando Arcia’s struggles return in 2019.

Next up is Zack Brown at number six. Brown has a delivery FanGraphs describes as “wonky” and “violent.” Still, he has had a lot of success and little injury history. They profile him as a #4/5 starter with a solid three-pitch mix.

Despite a bad season, Mario Feliciano stayed relatively high on the top prospect list at number seven. Feliciano dealt with injury through the entire year. FanGraphs believes a healthy Feliciano can be a useful offensive player and develop well defensively, but warn that he’s a volatile talent.

One of the Brewers’ international signings comes it at number eight. Educardo Garcia is a glove-first shortstop with potential to develop a good offensive profile. Just 16 in July, Garcia needs to grow to add the necessary skillset to fulfill his offensive potential. They predict a plus defensive ceiling.

If it wasn’t for a strange delivery, it sounds like FanGraphs would put Aaron Ashby higher than number nine on their list. They love his fastball and two breaking pitches, but they needs to develop more consistency in his mechanics, then he could exceed the expectations FanGraphs set for him.

Finally, at number ten is Joe Gray. FanGraphs describes Gray’s field for fielding advanced, especially in centerfield, where he has a chance to stay; however, they worry about his strikeout issues. If he increases his contact, his plus power should make him an above average centerfielder.