Can you name the 2018 Milwaukee Brewers?

Hey guys! I'm Ethan, from Athletics Nation. I started this project in 2016 where I tried to name everyone who played for each team around the league.

I know you guys have your own Thursday Thinker series, but I thought I might as well throw mine in here, in which you try to name everyone who played in a game for the Brewers this season! I'll be posting these once per day, Monday through Friday. The only quizzes yet to be posted are for the World Series teams. While some quizzes have player numbers, position or number of games as a hint, the only hints you have here are that the names come in alphabetical order. I'd suggest going by jersey number or position as you try to name them from memory.

Check back each day to see the updated list here!

If you want to play last year's roster quizzes, you can do that too. Heck, if you really have tons of time to kill, here's the 2016 list.

Entering last names is all you need. I included nicknames as acceptable answers for a couple of players.

And I would be remiss to leave without congratulating you guys on a fantastic season! I visited Miller Park in July and absolutely loved it, particularly the atmosphere and prices. I'd love to go back soon!