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Brewers Year in Review: Top Ten Longest Home Runs of 2018


MLB: San Diego Padres at Milwaukee Brewers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

In 2018, the Milwaukee Brewers hit 218 homers. That was the seventh-most in the National League. Two of those homers came from pitchers, and over half of them flew at least 400 feet. We went back through the entire season and compiled the longest homers hit by the Milwaukee Nine in 2018.

Honorable Mention - Brent Suter

May 8, 2018, vs. Cleveland Indians
433 ft. off Corey Kluber

I was hoping this would be in the top 10, but it only made it to #13 overall. Suter came into the game, replacing an injured Wade Miley. Then, taking on the 2018 Cy Young winner at the plate, he smacked a 433 foot bomb to dead center. It was amazing.

10. Ji-Man Choi

May 18, 2018, @ Minnesota Twins
436 ft. off Kyle Gibson

The Brewers did everything they could to keep Ji-Man Choi, including putting him on the opening day roster. After a stint at AAA, they called the slugger back up to help out in Interleague play and he thanked them with a monster homer in his second at-bat of the season.

9. Travis Shaw

April 24, 2018, at Kansas City Royals
437 ft. off Ian Kennedy

Coming into the game on a six-game win streak, Travis Shaw was making sure that the Brewers were winning seven. He smacked this three-run bomb off the water feature in right field, helping boost the Brewers further into the lead.

8. Travis Shaw

May 11, 2018, at Colorado Rockies
438 ft. off Chad Bettis

Shaw smashed his eighth homer of the year, but probably the best part of this is Carlos Gonzalez positioning himself in front of the fence, patiently waiting to catch a ball that was never coming back.

7. Christian Yelich

Sep. 23, 2018 at Pittsburgh Pirates
439 ft. off Nick Kingham

Starting a stretch where the Crew would win 12 games, including a sweep of the Rockies in the NLDS, the team was helped out by the steaming hot Christian Yelich. Nothing could stop Yelich in the second half, certainly not Nick Kingham.

5. Hernan Perez

April 11, 2018, @ St. Louis Cardinals
441 ft. off Adam Wainwright

The first homer of our fifth-place tie, Perez smacked a solo bomb in the second off Adam Wainwright. Nothing is more enjoyable than watching bad things happen to St. Louis.

5. Christian Yelich

May 30, 2018 vs. St. Louis Cardinals
441 ft. off Tyler Lyons

This home run is great for two reasons. First, it’s hit so hard, you can hear an audible clunk off the scoreboard. Second, it was the first run in a comeback victory against the Cards.

4. Keon Broxton

Sep. 2, 2018, at Washington Nationals
442 ft. off Jefry Rodriguez

Keon Broxton is great at catching balls, and ok at hitting them. When he gets a hold of them and they fly out. This game will more likely be remembered for a big grand slam from Yelich, but let’s take a moment to admire Keon’s bomb. It’s also worth paying attention to the camera person with the umbrella, who clearly thinks he’s about to get pegged with a huge homer.

3. Ryan Braun

Aug. 14, 2018, at Chicago Cubs
443 ft. off Jose Quintana

One of two homers from Braun on this day, both coming off Jose Quintana. This was much longer than the other one, in the middle of a run where Milwaukee was destroying Chicago.

1 (tie). Travis Shaw

May 13, 2018 at Colorado Rockies
452 ft. off Jon Gray

The first of our top homers comes from Shaw. He belts one off of Jon Gray. This is also the Mother’s Day game that includes Freddy Peralta’s huge debut.

1 (tie). Eric Thames

July 8, 2018, vs. Atlanta Braves
452 ft. off Evan Phillips

The second of our two #1 homers is Eric Thames’ first appearance on this list. The huge lefty almost got this one OVER the right field bleachers. The man is constantly amazing, if for nothing else but his feats of strength.


It hit the truck.

Home Run distances courtesy of ESPN.