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Vegas sets Milwaukee Brewers over/under at 84.5 wins

Bovada thinks the Brewers will still be in the playoff race, but with a slight step back from last year

Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Now that spring training is officially here, optimism knows no bounds for just about everyone (at least outside of Miami).

The Brewers added Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain in the offseason, but is that enough to get them over the hump and into the playoffs? Various projection systems have mixed answers.

But Vegas knows better than anyone, right? After all, those casinos in the desert didn’t build themselves.

Bovada has updated MLB Season props today, with an over/under win total for every team in the league. Predictably, the Chicago Cubs have the highest number in the NL Central, with their over/under set at 94.5.

Just like with just about every statistical projection system, the Brewers are neck-and-neck with the St. Louis Cardinals in the eyes of Vegas, too. Bovada sets the Cards’ O/U at 85.5, while the Brewers are at 84.5.

In a surprising twist, it looks like Bovada thinks the Cincinnati Reds *won’t* finish in last place this year, pegging Cincy (73.5 wins) as a slight favorite for 4th place over the Pittsburgh Pirates (73).

The Los Angeles Dodgers have the highest O/U in the National League, with the defending NL champs being pegged at 96.5. The Washington Nationals are again the favorites in a weak NL East at 92.5.

Looking at the teams the Brewers will likely be competing against for a wildcard spot, the Arizona Diamondbacks match the Cardinals’ odds, with an O/U of 85.5. However, Vegas seems to like the Brewers better than the Colorado Rockies (82), San Francisco Giants (81.5) and New York Mets (81).

Before you get too wrapped up in these betting lines, remember they’re there for the establishment to make money, and they seem to be heavily dependent on last year’s results. In case you forgot, heading into last season, Bovada set the O/U on the Brewers at 69.5, which was the third-lowest in baseball.


Bovada set the Brewers’ over/under for 2018 at 84.5 wins. How would you bet (if gambling were legal at this establishment)?

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