On Corey Dickerson and Hypotheticals

It's been a while since I made a post, or even a comment, but Corey Dickerson's DFA was just too interesting to not mention.

The Brewers already had an outfield logjam before the Yelich trade (on which they broke even by shipping off Brinson), and then muddled it even more by signing Lorenzo Cain. Domingo Santana's been on the trade block since the winter meetings, which raised even more questions - do they expect Braun in a near-full-time role in a corner, do they expect Broxton or Phillips to play a significant amount of time in the OF with Braun taking platoon duties at 1B, or...

I half-expect the Brewers to place a claim on Dickerson. I don't think they'll be awarded it, but he has two years of control and a solid track record both offensively and defensively. His offense took a dip when he moved to Tampa, a lower-third park for hitters, in 2016, but rebounded nicely in 2017 considering his surroundings, setting career marks in PA, H, and HR. Moving to Milwaukee might not return him to Colorado form, but could still be a major boost.

Acquiring Dickerson would open Santana and/or Philips and/or Broxton for trade. Granted, it would weaken their position since a trade would become a necessity, but it would also provide an outstanding, versatile outfield rotation, especially if Villar can't figure it out and Braun is pushed into meaningful 2B duty.

Dickerson's only entering his age-29 season. If Braun can hack it part-time at 1B/2B the next few years, Dickerson could fill the gap of Phillips' development at an above-replacement, or even all-star level. What do you think?