Three Pitchers without teams

Currently Arrieta, Cobb and Lynn are preparing to play for an Independent League team -- maybe the Madison Mallards!

Why is this happening? Well there really is a lack of a market. It used to be that agents could go to a number of teams and try to create a market. This year there just aren't that many teams in the mix. A short run down of where teams are in terms of trying to sign a quality pitcher provides us insight on why the Brewers really should wait this one out and let the pitchers come to them:

Teams being restricted by Luxury Tax:

Boston Red Sox

NY Yankees

San Francisco Giants

California Angels of where ever

Los Angeles Dodgers

Washington Nationals

Toronto Maple Leaf Argonaut Blue Jays

If these teams make a signing they very little to no room to maneuver during the season.

Teams that have said that and are acting like they are reducing or only maintaining payroll:






These teams are on record of not wanting to increase payroll.

Teams that are rebuilding


Kansas City



Tampa Bay



White Sox



San Diego*

* These are teams in later stages of rebuild so may be willing to get in on a longer term contract.

Teams that have recently added pitching so seem to be dropping out of bidding:



Maybe Minnesota isn't totally out of the market but they likely are off the Arietta list.

Teams that don’t need pitching:


Teams that are left:

St. Louis


NY Mets

Out of this list, St Louis is likely more interested in relief pitching rather than starting and if everyone is healthy the NY Mets should be pretty set with starting pitching as well.

Everything changes with price of course. If the price for Cobb falls to $10M a year for three years some of the Luxury Tax teams may become players or perhaps a rebuilding team may enter into the mix. But if that isn't the case, you have to wonder: Who are the Brewers actually bidding against? Is anyone actually offering Arrieta five years and $100M? Is anyone offering Cobb four at $60M? I can't figure out who it is if it isn't the Brewers.