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How to watch the Milwaukee Brewers this spring

The Quest for the Cactus Cup begins this week!

Baltimore Orioles v Tampa Bay Rays
Wade Miley - darkhorse Cy Young candidate in the Cactus League
Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Guess what? You can watch Real Cactus League Baseball starting Friday of this week! And the Milwaukee Brewers get the added bonus of having a split squad day right off the bat - they can really get the jump on their Cactus Cup competitors.

The Brewers have two split-squad contests that won’t be featured via any type of coverage, but other than than that, you will be able to catch either a radio, TV, or webcast of every other game during the quest for the 2018 Cactus Cup. The first contest of the spring on Friday against the Cubs will be televised on FSWisconsin along with 11 other matchups throughout the spring. And of course, if you can’t follow the games live, we will give you riveting game recaps so that you’ll FEEL like you saw it live. I need these games to work out those bad writing habits that I’ve picked up this winter.

Who will still be with the team when they break camp? Heck, who will still be with the team when they play Friday? Who will join the team in the meantime? Who will emerge at second base? Who will play the majority of the time at first base? What will the starting rotation look like, and who will grab their chance this spring (and then look awful) in the rotation and the pen? Will Tim Dillard return to the broadcast booth once again? Man, it’s almost as exciting as a rebuild.

I expect that the Angels will compete again this spring, but my two favorites are the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox, along with the Brewers of course. And if the Brewers can’t finally win the Cup, perhaps they could get a World Series trophy as consolation.

Yay! Baseball!