The Milwaukee Brewers Prospect Cheat Sheet

Rob Tringali/Getty Images

If you're anything like me, you've gotten more into the Brewers' farm system since the rebuild began in 2015, but at this point in the offseason, you're also feeling a bit of fatigue. A new top 100 list or Brewers system ranking has come out about twice a week for the last month or two, and it can be hard to absorb all of that information.

Many of us know the consensus top 5 or 10 guys in the system, but beyond that, things get hazy. Wait, what position does KJ Harrison play again? Why is everyone so sure Josh Pennington is headed for the bullpen? What is Mario Feliciano good at, other than being young for his level? Are Larry Ernesto and Ernesto Martinez really two different people? If you've found yourself asking questions like that, I have a tool for you: The Brewers Prospect Cheat Sheet.

I've created this spreadsheet pulling together prospect rankings and scouting information from a variety of sources into one handy location, listing the basic information about each prospect (age, level, how acquired, etc.), as well the scouting Cliff's notes (biggest strength and weakness, projected role) and where they've ranked on each public team and top 100 ranking this year. There are two tabs (see the bottom) for pitchers and hitters, plus an extra one listing each ranking in the 10 years of BCB community prospect rankings.

I plan to continue updating it throughout the season as players are assigned to teams, new rankings come out, and scouting reports change. A few notes on the cheat sheet:

- I included any Brewers minor leaguer I've seen get a public scouting writeup in the past year. Links to sources for the scouting info are in the spreadsheet, and I subjectively synthesized those reports to come up with the strengths, weaknesses, and potential role. Don't take them as authoritative - they're just my summary,.

- For the team prospect rankings, I removed Brinson, Harrison, Diaz, and Yamamoto (single tear) from each list and bumped everyone else up in order to maintain consistency between lists.

- I've listed every top 100 list I can find. Note that two of them (KATOH and ZiPS) are not scouting-based, but stats-based lists.

Here's the link again. Feel free to bookmark it for future reference, let me know if you have questions or suggestions, and enjoy!