Odd predictions for 2018 season

We can look at regressions and progressions and career profiles and injury risks and all kinds of things in order to come up with win totals and projected stats; but almost every year there are some things that happen that probably no one predicted going into the season. This is where you can post those. Here are a few of mine to get us started:

1. Keon Broxton will be traded before opening day. His value doesn't go up playing at Colorado Springs and the Brewers don't need a sixth major league ready outfielder. He goes but the Brewers don't get all that much for him.

2. Wade Miley will be a good quality starting pitcher. Maybe not an ace but an ERA around 3.25 with over 150 innings. The Brewers actually did find something that they could fix and they fixed it. This would be pretty amazing as this type of turn around is rare in a thirty-one year old pitcher.

3. Erich Thames is a bust. And I am not a keep Aguilar guy either so the Brewers end up with a bit of a hole at first especially on the left hand hitting side of things. I see Thames starting slowly and never really regaining form. Thames will be the Villar of 2018. The Brewers pick up someone at the trade deadline to take these at bats.

4. Boone Logan and Oliver Drake are busts in the bullpen. It is the nature of bullpen arms to be inconsistent. These are the two that fall apart this year for the Brewers.

5. Taylor Williams becomes a major cog in the bullpen by July. He has the fastball and finds some success with his slider and thrives as a 7th or 8th inning guy by the end of the year.

6. Yo will go. He never puts it all together and is cut in late May.

7. Junior Guerra won't ever pitch in the majors again. It was a great year... but it was just that year.

8. The Brewers will trade Phillips and perhaps another piece at the trade deadline but will not trade Santana.

9. The Brewers will have two triple plays in 2018.