Trading Broxton

I can't believe this isn't done yet. I tend to agree with what the Brewers have done this off season. I don't have a problem with adding Cain and Yelich. They go a long way to fixing the Brewer's biggest problems in the line up. I agree with being very cautious on signing free agent pitching. I can get behind having Phillips in the minors as depth and/or trade bait.

What I don't understand is stashing Broxton at AAA. No matter what he accomplishes at AAA it isn't going to raise his trade value. And right now he is sixth or seventh on the depth chart depending on if you include Perez as an outfielder. And he just isn't part of the future of this franchise.

I realize that his trade value is down because other teams know his value for the Brewers is down but I don't see a time in the next year when his value will actually go up.

Are the Brewers wary of trading him at this point because of what happened to Scooter after they gave him away? Is there really no value to be gained in a Broxton trade at this time? Do the Brewers feel he will be the key last piece in a deadline trade? Is Stearns concerned about making the Sky Sox (what a stupid name) competitive?

I just don't get it. It is time to set a one week deadline and have teams give their best offer and move Broxton. Go get a low level prospect lottery ticket or two and be done with it.