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Ji-man Choi and Jesus Aguilar both make Brewers Opening Day roster

A Korean news report indicates Choi has made the Opening Day roster, and the team confirms it in a press release

Milwaukee Brewers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images

The fact that the Brewers haven’t announced their Opening Day 25-man roster yet -- about 14 hours before they’re due to the league on Thursday morning -- gave many people the impression something unexpected was going to happen.

According to reports out of Korea, it has.

OSEN reports that Ji-man Choi will be making the Brewers’ Opening Day roster. Google Translate is spotty in going from Korean to English, but it looks like Choi or someone associated with him is telling OSEN that the roster has been finalized and he’s preparing for Opening Day in San Diego.

Choi was spotted warming up on the field during the optional workout for players today, but that likely didn’t mean much -- the Brewers brought every player who was on the roster fringe to San Diego. But if he has made the roster, Adam McCalvy has an important reminder that may come into play during the first few weeks of the season, or when Wade Miley is ready to return:

The team hasn’t confirmed the move yet, and likely because some creative roster maneuvering would be necessary to fit him on the roster.

If you’re into social media sleuthing, Jesus Aguilar’s (verified) Twitter account may have a clue...

If Aguilar is headed to Detroit, it’s not known whether it was via trade, or if the Tigers just used their high waiver priority to snatch him up.


The Brewers announce their 25-man roster on Twitter and — surprise! — both Choi and Aguilar are on it, but only 6 relievers do. The team previously said they’d carry 8, so changes are very likely to come soon.

As for the Aguilar Twitter bio, it looks like it likely references the fact he was traded — during the winter league, from the Caracas Lions to the Aragua Tigers.