Let's learn from the past

What will the opening day roster look like? Well let's look at last year. Stearns is not shy about cutting bait on players that don't fit in to their plans. Chris Carter, gone, Scooter Gennett, gone. There are some concerns about what will happen to Aguliar. He will be DFAed at the end of spring training. I, like most fans, like Jesus but if he had value to other teams, he'd be traded. Don't forget that we got him after the Indians DFAed him last year. That's also how we got Drake, Hughes, Perez and Vogt. Easy come, easy go? I believe that they want Gallardo to succeed, and think he can. Their recent statements about how he is changing his approach and that is why he is giving up so many walks is probably true. That being said, if they can't "fix" him, and he goes back to what he was the last couple of years, he's gone too. Counsel has already said that Suter has a leg up on the rotation and with Miley performing well in ST I think Gallardo is the odd man out. I see their rotation leaving camp as Anderson, Davies, Chacin, Suter and Miley with a bullpen of Knebel, Barnes, Hader, Albers, Logan, Jeffress, Guerra and Williams. Broxton will be traded a-la Adam Lind for some minor league depth as he is getting no more valuable playing for AAA. Phillips will be the first man up with an injury to any of Thames, Braun, Cain, Santana or Yelich. Wilkerson will pass Woodruff as a starting option and get a shot if any of the starters go on the DL or the Miley Cinderella story turns into a pumpkin. If they are in it near the deadline, they will deal for a Danny Duffy or Marcus Stroman and give up Phillips or Woodruff as a headliner. Thoughts?