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Easter Sunday Sporcle: Brewers 5-hit games

Christian Yelich’s big night against the Padres is the Brewers’ 35th 5-hit game in team history. Can you name all of the others?

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Christian Yelich has played all of three games for the Milwaukee Brewers, and he’s already in the team’s record books.

Yelich’s 5-for-5 night was the 35th 5-hit (9 inning) game in franchise history.

Since the Brewers have Easter Sunday off, let’s kill some time — can you name all of the other players who have been able to collect 5 hits in a game that didn’t go to extra innings?

There are some names you might not expect. We’ll give you 5 minutes to finish this Sporcle quiz.

Data from Baseball-Reference