Playing with Service Time: Zach Davies

Davies is off to another slow start. Last night was another sub-par performance for our "hey, he's just a slow starter, give it time" starting pitcher.

Davies entered the season with 2.020 years of service time. At the moment he is scheduled to be eligible for free agency in 2022. He has options available. With him struggling, again, would it make sense to keep him under three years at the end of this season, therefore extending control and putting off free agency another year?

There are a couple ways of doing this. 1) Just demote Davies for a month. Tell him to work it out in the minors. 2) Have him join the starting pitcher frequent flyer program with Sutter, Junior, and Woody. By shifting those four around waiting for 10 days to expire and another starter needed they should be able to make it until June when five regular starters are needed. They just have to make sure Davies is down long enough to get that extra year of control.

It was talked about, quite seriously, to send him down last May when he was really struggling. He is off to a similar slow start. We all hope he turns it around and finishes strong like last season but some time in the minors could really help the Brewers this year and in the future.