Brewers seeking host families for rookie ball affiliate in Helena


The Milwaukee Brewers are just like every other MLB franchise, inasmuch as they fail to pay most of their minor league players a livable wage to play professional baseball. The players who will suit up for the Helena Brewers this year will receive a salary of around $3,000 or so (before taxes) for the full 2018 season, and that may include the likes of top-30 prospects like Caden Lemons, Je'Von Ward, Brendan Murphy, as well as many of Milwaukee's top draft picks in 2018. That level of pay makes it difficult for players - whose salaries are paid by the MLB parent club - to afford housing and nourishment on their own. So, the Brewers are asking for residents of Helena to help host players for the 2018 season. In exchange for housing a professional athlete, you can receive game tickets (one ticket per each player hosted, for every home game) as well as some money each month from the hosted player's paycheck. If you live in Helena, YOU the fan can help shape the future of the organization by providing shelter and food for a minor league prospect of your own!