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Submit Your Questions for BCB Mailbag #46

Send in your questions and every Friday we'll answer them.

Post Offices Gear Up For Busiest Day Of The Year Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Today is Thursday, and you all know what that means:

Tomorrow is Friday.

And you know what Friday means:

Another edition of the BCB Mailbag!

The Milwaukee Brewers have the best record in the National League at 31-19. Their pitching has shone all season, and the staff now ranks #1 in the NL with a 3.34 ERA. The offense has finally started to get going, with a recent hot streak boosting them up to over an average of four runs per game and pretty close to the NL average after a slow start in April. And their defensive unit has been one of the best in baseball, including a league-leading +41 Defensive Runs Saved. The Cream City Nine is clicking right along in all facets off the game, so what questions do you have about the best team in the league?

Looking forward to seeing what ya’ll come up with this week!