Orf with his head -- It is now time to give Orf a chance

Second base is a bit of a gaping wound that has recently become infected and now is all full of puss and is festering. Over the next one to two months the Brewers need to decide how badly they need to trade for a second baseman at the deadline.

The Brewers hoped that between Villar, Sogard and Perez they would find some combination that would be acceptable. Villar has been almost acceptable but Perez and Sogard haven't been successful at all. So much so that Sogard was sent down to figure things out and Perez has returned to Hernan of all trades position.

I believe the Brewers back up plan at the position was Duban. He has to have ACL surgery so he isn't available. Franklin was thought of as next in line because he may be able to fill the left hand hitting side of a platoon. Now he is out as well and he wasn't what was needed anyways.

The Brewers need a right hand hitting side of the platoon not the left. At this point of the season Villar has a .705 OPS as a left handed bat and a .390 OPS as a right handed bat. He was a stronger left handed bat in 2017 as well and it doesn't seem like we will ever see 2016 Villar ever again.

Other than Orf, the Brewers have Tyler Saladino in the minors. Saladino is as exciting as wilted lettuce. In 785 MLB at bats over four years he has a slash line of .232 BA .281 OBP .330 Slugging for a .610 OPS. That is a very unimpressive line. He is on the 40 man roster and he is playing decent with the Sky Sox. (what a stupid name for a team) But he is right handed and he is no Nate Orf.

Nate Orf is currently hitting above .380 with an OBP of .455. I realize that these are Colorado Springs numbers but the only way to see if they translate is to give him a chance. Saladino is not the answer for the future at second base. Perhaps Sogard can get things going; but even if he does you have both him and Villar filling the left hand side of the platoon. It is time to give Orf some time to see if he is the right hand side of this platoon or if the Brewers need to make a trade.

How do you do this? The easiest way is to remove Saladino from the 40 man roster and replace him with Orf. Orf, Phillips and a relief pitcher spot on the roster may end up see-sawing back and forth to Colorado Springs depending upon the needs of the organization at the time.

The goal should be to get Orf 150 MLB at-bats by the second week of July. This will allow for the Brewers to know how desperate they will be for a second baseman at the trade deadline. Orf is likely the only right handed hitting platoon option available in the organization. It is time to give him a chance and see if the Brewers can save a prospect or two at the trade deadline by having Orf win the second base position.