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Submit Your Questions for BCB Mailbag #48

Send in your questions and every Friday we'll answer them.

Deutsche Post To Part With 700 Post Offices Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Today is Thursday, and you all know what that means:

Tomorrow is Friday.

And you know what Friday means:

Another edition of the BCB Mailbag!

Milwaukee is tied for the most wins in the National League with 43, and the Brewers are also tied with the Cubs atop the standings in the NL Central (although CHC is technically a couple percentage points in front). But it doesn’t feel like our local nine is playing their best ball of late. And the rumors have started to swirl...which direction will Slingin’ Stearns go at the trade deadline? Will their be a blockbuster move, or another measured deadline approach like what ended up happening in 2017? I’ll take your questions about the team along with anything else that pops into your head, I suppose.

Looking forward to seeing what ya’ll come up with this week!