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Milwaukee Brewers continue to lag in All-Star Voting

Somebody will have to go, though...

82nd MLB All-Star Game
Seven years ago, people...time flies
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

MLB has released the latest totals for National League position player voting for the 2018 All Star Game:

If you don’t want to strain your eyes looking, I’ll help: the only place you’ll find any Milwaukee Brewers listed as receiving votes are in the outfield, and you have to go down to number ten before you find one there - Christian Yelich. Lorenzo Cain slides in at number twelve.

So the Brewers won’t have any elected representatives at the midsummer classic (which has become even more of an exhibition game with the elimination of home field World Series determination coming from the result). And that’s fair, despite Milwaukee’s current best record in the National League. Managers select the pitching, and that’s where a representative (or two) from the Brewers’ bullpen are likely to be invited to DC. Which would be fine; I expect Josh Hader would be a must-use for the NL in the game.

Jesus Aguilar has had a fine first half, but first base is a tough place to supplant the veterans and Jesus isn’t even on the ballot. If he continues to hit, he could be a bench selection for the team.