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An update on Milwaukee Brewers draft picks Brice Turang, Elijah Cabell

First round pick is waiting...

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Milwaukee Brewers
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Milwaukee Brewer fans are getting anxious with first round pick Brice Turang still unsigned as we approach the end of June, but this article from Scott Rabalais in The Advocate (of Baton Rouge, LA) says “not to worry” - more or less...unless you were hoping that he went to LSU.

Turang’s slot value is $3.01 mil, and with current signings it appears that the club has about $3.6 mil of space left and then another 5% of their pool beyond that before draft pick penalties come into play. There are a few other prep players that were picked by the Crew outside the top-10 rounds that would probably require more than the maximum $125,000 amount that is allowed as a bonus for picks after round ten.

That could include another LSU commit, as Rabalais also notes that the school expects to not have another recruited player on their roster because he will sign a pro contract. Prep outfielder Elijah Cabell, Milwaukee’s fourteenth round pick, is listed as not coming to LSU. The TNXL Academy (Florida) player has not been officially (or unofficially, until now) listed as signed, but this is encouraging. Cabell was rated above his draft slot, and would add another intriguing talent among the Brewers’ outfielders in their system.

Turang, a prep shortstop, has a history with the Brewers’ organization. It isn’t unusual for players and organizations to wait with first round picks until the dust settles both with other picks around a player and other signees within the system. Per the article, scouting director Tod Johnson stated that Turang and the Brewers were still working towards finalizing a deal with the deadline to sign coming up on July 6th.