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2018 MLB Draft: Day 2 Open Thread

Follow along (closely or at your leisure) with today’s Brewer choices

2014 MLB Draft Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Your Milwaukee Brewers get to sleep in today, as rounds 3-10 are chosen in Day 2 of the MLB Amateur Draft for 2018. That’s because the Brewers don’t have that third round pick, lost with the free agent signing of Lorenzo Cain.

The Brewers’ picks in rounds 4-10 are:

  • Round 4, #125
  • Round 5, #155
  • Round 6, #185
  • Round 7, #215
  • Round 8, #245
  • Round 9, #275
  • Round 10, #305

After three picks on Day 1, all high school position players, it will be interesting to see what direction the Day 2 picks take. Will there be college pitchers? Are the Brewers looking to stock the lower minors? What intriguing names will be tossed into the mix?

You can peruse the list of picks and their slot amounts here:

Brewers 2018 MLB Draft and Signing Tracker

(you can’t have too many trackers)