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Jesus Aguilar leads with hours left in All-Star Final Vote

Jean Segura leads in the AL

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Miami Marlins
Look out, Chase Anderson!
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

MLB has released another update on the status of the final vote (or Final Vote) and the Milwaukee Brewers’ #webelieveinJesus campaign continues to lead the way in the NL voting.

Of course, Jesus’ great first half might have something to do with his holding the lead. We don’t know vote totals, so those interested shouldn’t let up! Keep voting because there’s only five hours left.

Jean Segura also continues to hold the lead in the AL voting. He may be benefiting from inclusion in voting by Brewers who marked Jean because of his Brewer ties, or because he’s had a very good first half, or because Seattle voters have been very active, too - which would benefit Zeus.

Why not both?

This post included no mention of Manny Machado