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A Biloxi Shuckers player flooded their batting cage with just one swing

This is why we can’t have nice things

The story after today’s Biloxi Shuckers game was Corey Ray’s three homers, but the story before the game started was the power of Blake Allemand.

The Shuckers’ utility man and Milwaukee Brewers prospect was taking batting practice with his team and hit one hard. How hard? Hard enough to leave the cage and hit the pipe leading to the fire sprinklers, sending gallons of water gushing out.

The flooded batting cage inside MGM Park
The flooded batting cage inside MGM Park
Troy Stokes on Instagram

As water gushed into the team’s warmup area, the Shuckers had to call the fire department. When they got there, they had some issues seeing as Allemand had actually hit the ball hard enough to break the pipe.

Troy Stokes guessed that all in all, it took about an hour before the water could finally be turned off.

Blake Allemand shares footage of the broken pipe on Instagram

Just goes to show you, Blake Allemand has more power than you might expect.