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Brewers ‘fading’ in Manny Machado trade talks

The latest trade rumor update has the Phillies, Dodgers and Yankees leaping over the Brewers as favorites in the race for the rental

Baltimore Orioles v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Baltimore Orioles are hoping to create a bidding war for free-agent-to-be Manny Machado. It looks like it may be starting to work.

After reports that the New York Yankees had the strongest offer on the table for Machado (despite the seemingly unlikely scenario in which the Orioles would willingly give their star player to their most hated rival, and giving them the first chance to sign him long-term), it looks like other teams are starting to increase their offers — and it doesn’t look like the Brewers are one of them.

Ken Rosenthal’s latest says the Brewers are starting to ‘fade’ in the race for the rental.

Of course, Rosenthal’s caveat at the end is the key in any trade rumor — things can change quickly. There’s also a pretty solid chance this news is being leaked out by the Orioles in an attempt to get the Brewers to increase their offer, even if they’re already willing to include Corbin Burnes in a deal.

It also makes sense that teams like the Dodgers and Yankees have the strongest offers out right now — they can afford to give up more in a trade right now, since they actually have a chance of signing him to the $300 million contract Machado will likely demand.