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Manny Machado trade to Dodgers hits a snag over physicals, could give Brewers another chance

The Manny Machado trade is not official yet, and a phsyical issue could let the Brewers get back into the running.

MLB: All Star Game Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last day or two, we’ve heard several reports that the Orioles will trade Manny Machado to the Dodgers following the All-Star Game. With the game over, we expected to hear news of the trade today. However, it looks like there’s one more obstacle to overcome.

While there’s a snag in the trade, we don’t know exactly how much of a snag this will end up being. There’s a few questions to ask here. Which players in the trade had issues with their physicals? Is this a problem that can be resolved with a small change to the trade, or would a larger change be needed? We don’t know what the exact issue is at this time, and will have to wait for more information on that.

If the issue is significant enough, it could allow the Brewers to make a last-second push and get Machado. According to Bob Nightengale yesterday, the Brewers offer was considered the second best.

Could the Brewers make a late offer and get Machado? We’ll update once we have more information on this situation.