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Milwaukee Brewers drawing well within their own market

Brewers have the fourth highest market share.

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San Diego Padres v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

The Milwaukee Brewers have drawn well in their own market over the years. With the team performing well this year, those numbers are up again. A season with 3 million attendance is possible, and should be well within reach as long as they continue to play well. The TV numbers are following suit as well.

JR Radcliffe of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel notes that the Brewers market share is fourth best in all of baseball, according to a Forbes report. The Brewers only trail St. Louis, Cleveland, and and Boston in market share. They draw in an average of 48,000 households in Milwaukee when they play, and are the top pick on both cable and all TV when they are playing.

The Brewers also had one of the biggest spikes in rating over the course of the season. According to Awful Announcing, the Brewers growth is the third highest in all of baseball, only behind the Angels and Braves. Those three teams leading the way in growth is not surprising as all three have made major strides towards being competitive this year. In addition, these numbers show how loyal the Brewers fans can be when the team is playing well.

As the second half of the season is about to start, the Brewers will be trying to retake first place in the NL Central and push towards a playoff spot this season.. Having the support of a large part of the home town market will help with that, keeping seats filled at Miller Park and keeping people excited about the Brewers season.