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Jimmy Nelson unlikely to pitch for Brewers in 2018

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At this point in the season, it was more or less assumed, but the Brewers confirmed as much today

Washington Nationals V Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

We’ve all likely inferred as much considering the Brewers have fewer than 40 games left to play in the regular season — and even fewer for minor league teams that may host a rehab assignment — but the team all but confirmed today that Jimmy Nelson won’t be able to make it back on a big league mound in 2018.

This is obviously disappointing news, even if it was likely expected. Even the most optimistic outlooks — and there were plenty when Nelson’s rehab got off to such a good start — still had him missing a majority of the season. When his progress plateaued over the summer, the odds of even coming back late in the year in a relief role started to seem slim.

Labrum injuries, in general, take a full calendar year (or more) to heal. Nelson also tore his rotator cuff and suffered other damage when he jammed his shoulder diving back to first base as a baserunner.

In the video above, Craig Counsell does say the team is still hoping to get him into a competitive environment before the start of next season, whether that’s pitching in instructional leagues or playing winter ball.