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Brewers reportedly claim Matt Harvey, trying to work out trade

The Brewers appear close to adding another middling pitcher to a middling rotation

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

After being linked to Matt Harvey in the weeks leading up to the July 31 trading deadline, it looks like he may be heading to Milwaukee after all -- just a month later than some expected.

Jon Heyman says the Brewers are the team that “won” the claim on the former New York Met and current Cincinnati Red and now have until 12:30 this afternoon to reach a deal.

If you’re part of the Do Something crowd, here you go.

It’s debateable whether Harvey is truly an upgrade over anyone currently in the Brewers’ rotation. Much has been made about Harvey’s big turnaround in Cincinnati -- but mostly just because he was that bad in New York that anything could be seen as an improvement. He has a 4.28 ERA/4.50 FIP/4.57 DRA.

For the sake of comparison:

Junior Guerra - 3.72 ERA/4.20 FIP/4.53 DRA

Jhoulys Chacin - 3.58 ERA/4.01 FIP/4.56 DRA

Wade Miley - 2.18 ERA/4.08 FIP/4.61 DRA

Freddy Peralta - 4.02 ERA/3.58 FIP/4.72 DRA

Chase Anderson - 3.92 ERA/5.23 FIP/5.15 DRA

You could argue Harvey may be pitching slightly better than Anderson right now, but even then, Harvey would likely just be a 6th “meh” pitcher in a rotation full of “meh” pitchers.