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What We Learned: Waiver Trade Deadline Edition

The Brewers made a series of late acquisitions yesterday, adding Xavier Cedeno, Gio Gonzalez, and Curtis Granderson to the team. We look at that and more in a special What We Learned.

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The waiver trade deadline was yesterday, and the Brewers made some moves to help improve their roster for the month of September.

To start the day, the Brewers acquired LHP Xavier Cedeño from the White Sox. They traded away two players: Outfielder Bryan Connell and RHP Johan Dominguez. Neither were high on the Brewers prospect lists, but it is two more players gone. Meanwhile, Cedeño bring a 2.84 ERA to the Brewers through 33 appearances in relief this year. It’s also a new left-handed pitcher for the bullpen that should help in the next month.

Next up was a smaller move, with the Brewers purchasing the contract of Emilio Bonifacio and assigning him to Triple-A Colorado Springs. Though it doesn’t appear as though he will be a September addition, he could be added if the team needs the help. Meanwhile, in the same announcement, the Brewers said that Jacob Nottingham was reinstated from the minor-league DL.

Next up was the addition of a starting pitcher, as the Brewers added Gio Gonzalez from the Nationals to their roster. Gonzalez hasn’t been pitching the best in the second half of the season, recording a 6.55 ERA in the second half and 7.47 ERA in the month of August. His role remains to be seen, so we will have to see what the Brewers decide to do. As a return for the Nationals, infielders KJ Harrison and Gilbert Lara were sent to them. That is a little rougher of a trade, but overall, still not a lot.

One more acquisition was made right before the deadline. The Brewers added Curtis Granderson from the Blue Jays to help out their batting lineup. Granderson hasn’t been the best bat this year, but has recorded a 110 wRC+ and line or .243/.340/.429. It could help them out in some games, especially against right-handed pitchers. As a trade piece, the Brewers sent outfielder Demi Orimoloye to the Blue Jays. Orimoloye has shown some promise, but also does strike out a bit, and that could hold him back.

Finally, the Brewers had to clear a few 40-man spots for the above moves. To do that, they first outrighted Nate Orf and Ariel Hernandez to Triple-A. Then, later in the day, they designated Aaron Brooks and Jake Thompson for assignment. The Brewers will likely try to get them through waivers and back to the minors to hold on to them for now.

With all of that, here are the total moves from the day:

Players in:
Xavier Cedeno (Acquired from White Sox)
Emilio Bonifacio (Purchased contract, assigned to Triple-A)
Gio Gonzalez (Acquired from Nationals)
Curtis Granderson (Acquired from Blue Jays)

Players out:
Bryan Connell (Traded to White Sox)
Johan Dominguez (Traded to White Sox)
KJ Harrison (Traded to Nationals)
Gilbert Lara (Traded to Nationals)
Demi Orimoloye (Traded to Blue Jays)

Other moves:
Jacob Nottingham (Reinstated from DL)
Nate Orf (Outrighted to Triple-A)
Ariel Hernandez (Outrighted to Triple-A)
Aaron Brooks (Designated for assignment)
Jake Thompson (Designated for assignment)