What I Hate About September Baseball and How I Would Change It:

It isn't just that the games are long or that bullpen games become almost the norm. It isn't even that match ups and managerial moves become a greater focus as they have more options and a greater ability to impact the game. What I hate is that rosters are expanded, teams can trade for impact players at a very below market rate and the rest of the season seems like a different sport at times.

I think it is great that the Brewers have focused on building a September juggernaut by using the current rules to their advantage and focusing on depth. I just don't like the rules. Here are two examples of what is wrong:

The Chicago Cubs have a Terrance Gore. Terrance Gore's official stat line: 8 games. 3 At Bats. 5 Stolen Bases. This is not a MLB Baseball player people! This is a minor leaguer with one demonstrable skill that could impact the pennant race.

The Brewers have 36 active players. 17 of which are full time pitchers. They could have each pitcher pitch one inning a game ever other day (if you include Perez). That isn't baseball!

The goal of improving this system is to give even more opportunities for young players to come up and get a taste of MLB life; but to stop playoff contenders from using the rules to change the dynamics of a pennant race. How to do this:

1. Allow teams to expand their roster beyond their 25 man active roster beginning on August 1, 2018.

2. Allow teams to add 10 provisional players to bring total rosters up to 50 for the months of August and September. At the end of September the 10 provisional players go back to their Minor League team without using up an option.

3. Teams must designate 25 players as available for each game in August and September. This still expands rosters slightly as the four starting pitchers that aren't starting that day will likely be left off the list of players that will dress for that days game; but it still keeps the total reasonable. Teams get rewarded for depth but not by playing everyone everyday.

4. Make the waiver trade deadline August 15th. Leave the non-waiver trade deadline as July 31. The waiver trade deadline really is "eligible for post season" deadline. By moving it up, this makes it a bit more meaningful. If a team wants a player available for their post season roster, they should pony up a bit more in cash and prospects for the extra 15 days and help the competitive balance for future years.

5. Not allow any trades between September 1 and the end of the post season. There is a real potential that the Cubs could still be looking to add reliever this week. That type of stuff shouldn't be allowed.

This won't change everything about September baseball but it will at least dampen down an organization's ability to just dump everyone and a contending team to suit up 36 players for a game.