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Game Thread #154: Milwaukee Brewers (87-66) @ Pittsburgh Pirates (77-74)

Time to exorcise those Pirate demons...

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Milwaukee Brewers
Brewers: Three run dingers are good
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

If this were the baseball of my yoot, this would be the final game of the regular season. But it isn’t, so there’s still some serious work to be done for the Milwaukee Brewers (87-66), as they look to close the gap on the Chicago Cubs, who lead the Crew by 2.5 games and travel to the south side to face the White Sox this afternoon, and extend the gap over the St. Louis Cards (3 games) and Colorado Rockies (4.5 games). (Ed. - Chisox lead Cubbies 8-1 in the bottom of the seventh.)

The Brewers’ foe will be their season-long nemesis Pittsburgh Pirates (77-74). And the Bucs go with Ivan Nova, who shut the Brewers down a week ago. It’s never easy.

Milwaukee Brewers

Pittsburgh Pirates

1. Adam Frazier (L) 2B

2. Starling Marte (R) CF

3. Josh Bell (S) 1B

4. Francisco Cervelli (R) C

5. Corey Dickerson (L) LF

6. Pablo Reyes (R) RF

7. Colin Moran (L) 3B

8. Kevin Newman (R) SS

9. Ivan Nova (R) P