2019 Rotation

Looking ahead to next years rotation I can't help but wonder what the rotation will look like. Assuming no acquisitions are made in the off-season, who do you think breaks training camp in the opening rotation?

My projected list would include (in no particular order):

J. Nelson

J. Chacin

C. Anderson

Z. Davies

C. Burnes

I could easily see F. Peralta or J. Guerra in there as well. If Peralta overcomes his walk issues or if Guerra shows well this spring, would be hard to imagine leaving either of them out.

I'm sure B. Woodruff and A. Wilkerson will see starts in spring as well. I would like to see both get another shot at some point before other prospects like Z. Brown make his debut.

Out of the arms currently in the Brewers system, please list the first 5 starters (in no particular order) you think make starts in 2019?