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Brewers officially announce Yasmani Grandal signing, deal includes mutual option for 2020

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There’s a slight chance the Brewers’ latest free agent splash may not just be a one-year hired gun

Divisional Round - Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Two Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

There was already plenty to like about the reported agreement between the Milwaukee Brewers and Yasmani Grandal, the top catcher and one of the top players overall on this year’s free agent market.

Now that the signing is official, there’s this news: it may not necessarily be a one-year deal.

Jon Heyman originally reported the deal as a team option, which obviously would have been a bigger coup for Milwaukee, but Jeff Passan reported it was actually a mutual option, which was backed up by Ken Rosenthal.

As we saw with Mike Moustakas and Joakim Soria, though, mutual options are almost never exercised. That’s because most times, if a player is playing well enough for a team to want to pick up that option, he’ll want to opt out and test free agency. If he plays poorly enough where he’d rather take the money in the option, the team likely wouldn’t want him back at that price.

It still seems like a safe assumption that this is virtually a one-year deal, but the mutual option is one of those things that it doesn’t really hurt to tack on, just in the odd chance both sides want a one-year reunion.

Grandal has every incentive to opt out and try again next winter, including no longer having the qualifying offer and draft pick loss weighing down his potential market. Recent changes to the CBA dictate a player can only be given a qualifying offer once in their career. If a switch to Miller Park helps his offensive numbers as much as some people think, he could be in line for that large multi-year deal he had hoped to get this winter, and it would be hard to talk him into taking that mutual option.